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Robbie is committed to ensuring bipartisan cooperation and bringing state resources to St. Mary's County.  Her focus on Education, Healthcare, and Economic Development are the backbone of her vision to strengthen the people of northern St. Mary's County.


Schools can’t do it alone.

Parents are the primary educators of children and not in the sense of teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic; rather in teaching them how to comport themselves, interact with others and how to appreciate learning. Sadly many children in our schools do not have this basic foundation. As a result inappropriate conduct occurs and classes are disrupted. 

We must invest in early childhood mental health and crisis programs so families can get services before a crisis hits.

Robbie would advocate for policies encouraging the creation of school, family and community partnerships crucial to student success and family stability. Investing in families will pay for itself in the long run.


Health care costs place a heavy burden on hard-working families and seniors. Sixty-five percent of bankruptcies result from crushing medical bills. Robbie will work to expand access to affordable health care and reduce the cost of insurance and drugs for families and businesses.

Mandatory insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions is one of the most important parts of the Affordable Care Act. The Republican leadership in the Senate has said that they will overturn the ACA, including the preexisting conditions clause.  Robbie understands the importance of making sure people with preexisting conditions have access to affordable health insurance.  Robbie will work in the house of delegates to make sure that Maryland mandates insurance companies in Maryland are required to cover preexisting conditions to make sure that ALL Marylanders have access to healthcare.

Economic Development

Strengthening the middle class in Southern Maryland is key to economic growth for this peninsula. Working in public-private partnerships to create opportunity for small businesses to grow and diversify will lead to a thriving and vibrant middle class. A coordinated approach to economic diversity is needed and must be accessible and relatable to local businesses.

Roberta Loker for the House of Delegates
Keith Loker, Treasurer
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